The double shot of Sorry 4 The Sauce 2‘s “Wanna Be A Saucer” and “Splashed It” from Sauce Walka show off two sides. One in the “Wanna Be A Saucer” video is pretty damn goofy, him dreaming about hitting the basketball court with an athletic woman and him styling on a Drexler style layup. Only problem is, said woman is pretty damn good and she takes no mercy on him the rest of the game. Between posing inside a Benz and relaxing on the steps, its Sauce Walka as disarmed as he need be.

By contrast, “Splashed It” ups the antics with him playing the piano before rolling through the usual TSF visual aesthetics of strobe lights, posing with guns and standing like he could double for an unflinching shooter. “Splashed It” is about Sauce Walka listing off his resume and how he loathed playing dominoes in jail because he’d be prone to fighting dudes and how he’s made enough money to tell his Dad to quit his job and tell his boss to suck his groin. His words, not ours. Watch both Sorry 4 The Sauce 2 videos from the TSF motormouth now.