There’s a proud feeling knowing Paul Wall doesn’t give a damn about trying to keep up with current trends. It didn’t get him to a career where he crafted a persona of crafty, flashy superhero punchlines and let it ride for two decades plus. Paul Wall is the Slab God and when he doesn’t feel like dealing with the rest of the world, he simply participates in an act called “Crumble the Satellite”. Know who else loves to participate in such a thing? Devin the Dude & Curren$y. Devin, maybe more than Spitta professes a love for weed on “Crumble the Satellite” that he rattles off multiple strains of weed while also making audible noises like he’s piloting a spaceship through the skies. That’s forever great.

“Crumble the Satellite” was premiered earlier today by Noisey and is the second noted track from Paul Wellican’s upcoming new album featuring a host of people. Here’s a minor list of everyone involved: Stunna Bam, Le$, Trae THa Truth, Sosamann, Deadend Redd, Scotty ATL, Propain, Snoop Dogg, Berner and more. We’ve already gotten a preview of what Slab God is and guess what? It’s riding music through and through. Jam “Crumble the Satellite” and let it be your soundtrack for the next smoke session.