Apple may have just won the streaming wars. Sorry TiDal with your Jay Z & Beyonce unity but no easy smiling to show for it. All apologies to Spotify while you adhere to pushing a bunch of new playlists attached to runners across the country. Nope, Apple has dethroned you and told you all to sit down with a commercial showcasing a relaxed trio of sisterhood in Taraji P. Henson, Kerry Washington & Mary J. Blige dancing and laughing it up over playlists they’ve created with Apple Music.

What makes the latest Apple Music commercial even more fire? Ava DuVernay of Selma and Middle To Nowhere fame directed the 60-second ad featuring the three girlfriends at home, rocking to music by Slick Rick, Puff Daddy & The Family, Phil Collins, Blackstreet & more. It all makes for one great commercial and one moment that makes you remember when songs used to come on at parties and your immediate reaction was, “Oh shit, that’s my jam!” The ad appeals not only to those who still carry CDs and mixtapes around but to women, particularly those of color. Yes, Kerry Washington & Taraji rapping “All About The Benjamins” makes 2015 even doper when you think about it.

Look, a commercial for a multi-billion dollar company where everyone is in love with one another. Plus, can we just crown Taraji the Queen of Hollywood? She just gets being not only in love with your blackness but being naturally happy when someone else who loves and celebrates their blackness is honored for their gifts.