Ok so, everyone is going to act like Killa Kyleon hadn’t been assaulting the hip-hop scene with his rapid fire rhymes and numerous visuals to support his barrage of brolic and braggadocio. He runs over the classic “Ready or Not” joint by the Fugees.  The underground titan had been consistent for over a decade and has evolved into to a formidable opponent to anyone stepping to the mic. His ace in the hole is his unwavering allegiance and synergy with the self-proclaimed  ‘Film God’ David Stunts.  Too many innovative concepts and bars to handle.
Here are a few of the videos they have dropped from his recent project #30days30deaths. Killa Guerrilla promises an additional 15 videos on top of the 15 he has already released.  Watch the onslaught of other videos at http://davidstunts.com

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