Looks like the creatives of Black Twitter have taken another shot on the chin. The popular Netflix and Chill slang for hooking up has been converted into a dating app.

The app isn’t called “Netflix and Chill” of course as the coded slang would infringe on a ton of copyright claims from Netflix. But, the app is called TikiTalk and was released to iOS earlier this week by a pair of developers in California and France. Like Netflix and Chill itself, TikiTalk searches for potential dating partners by certain activities. You could choose group activities such as “Get Brunch”, “Get Food” or of course, “Netflix And Chill” and the app will show users near your location that are also interested in those activities. You can invite those users to potentially join you and a chat window will pop up if they agree. Get to talking, plan the date from there and you may commence your potential Netflix And Chill night.

It’s basically Tinder without the swipe action but pitching an app with the tag of “Netflix And Chill” is far too good to pass up.

“The universe just kind of came together,” TikiTalk co-founder Daniel Ahn said. “Netflix and chill is just so funny. It was everything we were about. Sending someone an invite or whatever, you can make them smile.”