The stretch between A.Dd+’s August 2014 NAWF EP and now may as well be considered the longest stretch the group has gone without releasing new music. Even between When Pigs Fly and DiveHiFlyLo the group was releasing an avalanche of singles whether produced by local Dallas guys or Detroit percussion heavyweights like Black Milk. For a time, A.Dd+ released music at a premium and then – they didn’t.

What’s kept A.Dd+ inside this realm of “perennially great” Dallas rap acts, and to a lesser extent great acts period is that they’ve found a decent way to marry country rap tunes with a worldwide aesthetic. Some of their records bordered on EDM (“Up Down”), some just flowed with the current path of down home blues and intertwined funk. “All Or Nothing” and “The Rhyme and The Rhythm” decide to take A.Dd+ back into a early ’90s timewarp where all of their clothes were baggy and getting a party situated while asserting who the man in the room was was the main theme. Both tracks hum along as Paris & Slim navigate with party ready rhymes and some minor back and forth where the both of them decide upon Cross Colours style rhymes and patterns. If A.Dd+ may feel like Busta Rhymes in ’96, it’s probably because they know their own personal coming is on the way. Stream A.Dd+’s newest below and head nod until you have to force yourself to stop along the way.