Deep Cotton feat. Jidenna - Let's Get Caught

Janelle Monáe’s Wondaland Records imprint dropped one of the more pleasant surprises of the year with their The Eephus EP last month. The six-track effort was short but a more than worthy introduction to Monáe’s cast of artistic misfits who defied convention, championed creativity, and even got their civil rights on.

Deep Cotton’s “Let’s Get Caught,” a four-minute symphony of ’70s funk with a riding beat and good intentions to do bad things with the one who caught your eye, was one of the EP’s obvious stand-out cuts. Now Deep Cotton has given their funktastic single a set of visuals to match.

Premiered on The Fader, the “Let’s Get Caught” music video has Sebastian Urrea of Motion Family behind the lens directing the duo as they entertain a bevy of beauties both in the house (one man in particular finds himself being read to while bathing in books) and outside in a backyard pool, before closing things out at a performance. Jidenna (who features on the track) arrives fashionably late to the party; but before long, the self-proclaimed Classic Man is on-stage with Deep Cotton getting their audience hyper than ever. (Monáe herself, by the way, makes a small but noticeable cameo in the crowd towards the end, literally taking the background while her artists are in the spotlight).

Watch the video for Deep Cotton’s “Let’s Get Caught” visuals, featuring Jidenna, here via The Fader. Wondaland Records’s The Eephus EP, on which “Don’t Get Caught” appears, is out now on iTunes.

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