The immediate thing you want to ask DeLorean is, “What are you gonna do now, DeLorean? You just won Best Rap Artist at the Houston Press Music Awards, yet people still don’t believe you may be next to go from selling out Warehouse Live to doing small arenas across the country.” Well, “Pay Off” is his answer, a moody yet open and honest approach to being a musician and trying to show people that there are a few perks to it. Bam Rogers isn’t really a feature for “Pay Off,” he’s far more of a co-star as his sung verses lead into DeLorean trying to prove that it isn’t a fad, it’s his actual life. That he’s the one who has to remember all these verses come session time and he’s the one who’s gotta look somewhat approachable to fool bottle girls into thinking he’s wealthy. It’s a constant up and down effect being on top and staying there. DeLorean & Bam just want it all to work. Stream the Mosley & 30Two’s produced “Pay Off” from DeLo & Bam Rogers below.