By now you should know that Creed, the spinoff from the Rocky franchise is seeing the light of day on November 20th. It will star Michael B. Jordan as Adonis Creed, son of Apollo and pretty much follows almost every little wrinkle that made the original Rocky series so special to fans. Then again, most boxing movies post-Rocky sort of owe it to him. Maybe not necessarily Raging Bull but its pretty much the gold standard for an entertaining, investing boxing film.

The story behind Creed is a rather simple one. Adonis never met Apollo due to the fact that Apollo died at the beginning of Rocky 4. He’s pretty much been in and out of foster systems, fighting and doing hard scrabble things in Philadelphia to survive. When he takes up “the family business”, he enlists the help of his father’s best friend and has to do all the little things that Rocky used to do while training – like catching chickens for example. The second trailer, for all of its glory *does* give maybe too much of the movie away with the understated knowledge that Rocky develops cancer and Adonis gets his ass cartoonishly beat in his big fight with the champ. There’s a love interest in Tessa Thompson who we hope and pray is nothing like Adrian and plenty of moments where the younger Creed shows flashes of hunger and brilliance like his dad did. Overall, it shows once more that writer/director Ryan Coogler and Michael B. Jordan have a chemistry together, one that may extend past this film and into countless more.

See the latest trailer to Creed below. The film, which stars Jordan, Stallone, Thompson and Phylicia Rashad opens nationwide on November 20.