It’s kind of hard being an anomaly in your own hometown. Buffalo Black may not sit inside the same bubble that hosts the shine, gloss and sheen of what Dallas rap is starting to evolve into in some parts. He’s the outcast, the vocal one who discusses civil liberties being broken, political measures and is so outspoken that he usually dominates all conversation around him. Following the Orwellian “1984” and middle-finger to all established thought with “Anomalies”, the Oak Cliff native releases his Surrilla LP which features his mind and thoughts as the main topic of conversation.

“I could give a fuck of what you thought I oughta be,” Black raps on “Anomalies” and the theme just carries on for the duration of Surrilla‘s other 11-tracks. It dips in areas of garage rock, simple note moving jazz “The Trap” and asks the listener to juxtapose what they already know with what truths Buffalo Black is speaking. He can glide through the Triple D while howling from a megaphone that nothing is going to change unless the people enact said change. Surrilla wants desire, not in a carnal fashion but in a hyperactive, get it or lose it kind of way. Black is as urgent as they come on the microphone, which is why Surrilla benefits from hearing him narrate the majority of it. Mickey Factz & Lord Byron contribute for two moments but other than that, Surrilla is Buffalo Black’s show, a continuation of what he started on last year’s REDPILLwondrland Part I. Even if he landed a placement on the soundtrack to Spike Lee’s Da Sweet Blood of Jesus, Buffalo Black still has ideas to spread around that more people need to take advantage of. You can stream Surrilla in full below via Buffalo Black’s Soundcloud.