The more NBA 2K16 wants to achieve, the more risks its beginning to take. 2K Sports has slowly starred to blur the lines between reality and basketball simulation and they get even deeper with this year’s iteration of MyCareer mode. It’s not just 2K Sports offering you a chance to graduate from being an undrafted rookie to the top of the NBA and even the Hall of Fame. This time it’s Spike Lee directing the story, a story that may be about as close to He Got Game as anything else.

As the trailer above suggests, your player is moving through the rigors of being a celebrated high school prospect to big time college athlete. From the moment you’re drafted, all bets are off as you’re left dealing with a multitude of decisions both on the court and off the court if you’re willing to become an all-time great.

Lee’s dedication to crafting the best possible storyline for NBA 2K16’s MyCareer mirrored that of his work on He Got Game. “You can’t go to someone like Spike Lee and put him in a box,” Jeff Thomas, Vice President of sports development at Visual Concepts said. “He’s telling the story the way he wants to express it. It’s an engaging story…it makes you feel alive.”

Through 90 minutes worth of cutscenes, Lee’s tale of your story comes alive. Friends, foes, agents, family, all play a role in your story of being an on the rise basketball talent dealing with the every day chaos. What role do you play in the story? Well that’s for everything off the court as well.

2K expanded on the endorsement deals and more in this year’s game, offering you 80 days during the season to improve on your brand, your connections and even your game. Time management is absolutely essential in this year’s edition of MyCareer as you literally have total control of your player this year.

Endorsements are much like any incentive contract in the real world. You do more for a certain brand, the more opportunity they’ll offer you. Same with building connections with current NBA players, legends and celebrities. That’s right, there’s no sense in just tweeting certain people who become a fan of you, now you have interaction with them and said interaction unlocks a few things. Hang with Allen Iverson enough, you’ll unlock his signature crossover and so forth.

Hopefuly everything blends together and doesn’t turn into a mess. 2K is definitely upping the ante on basketball simulation while NBA Live slowly gets its act together. Doesn’t matter how good a game looks, long as it plays fliudly and offers more than the last installment, that’s what makes a good sports game. NBA 2K16 drops earlier than ever this year on September 25th if you pre-order the game with the game hitting retail for those who didn’t pre-order on September 29th.