The moment I saw Maxo Kream’s name attached to a song like “Full House”, I immediately began to think how would he fit into a world with Danny Tanner, Uncle Joey and the rest of the Tanner clan. Yes, Dave Coulier would find a way to the heart of Alanis Morrisette but Maxo would keep pills, lean and guns running in and out of that San Francisco abode every single day and night. But Maxo’s idea of “Full House” is rather comical, with him dealing with broken toilets, fighting his uncles for stealing his stuff and a slew of bills due.

“Got too many people in the trap, so loud that I can’t even take a nap,” Maxo jokes on “Full House” showing that even underneath those eyes that may be as black as the Devil’s heart, he can still make people laugh and enjoy themselves. If he’s Martin, the rest of the people inside his house are closer to Cole. Stream “Full House” from Maxo Kream below. The track was featured as part of SCION AV & Eddie Huang’s Shellfish or Better EP with features from Manolo Rose, Father, Keith Ape and more. You can hear that in full below as well.