When Big Boi gave us Vicious Lies & Dangerous Rumors in 2012, he also had a hand in giving us the earliest glimpse of what a collaboration between he and NYC electronic duo would sound like. Three years later, a worldwide tour with his OutKast partner-in-rhyme in the books and an entire summer spending far more quality time with his family than in a recording booth, Big Boi and Phantogram are together again, this time under the guise of a new EP, Big Grams.

The first leak from the EP, “Fell In The Sun” is light hearted and playful with Daddy Fat Sacks offering up one of his more easy to follow along verses in years. As shiny, glossy and elastic pop-rap is concerned, this falls right in line as Big Boi drops his origin story on top of electric drums and Sarah Barthel’s relaxing, disarming chorus. Concerning themselves with making a fun record, Big Grams according to Barthel is something they can “throw out there and see what happens”.

Stream “Fell In The Sun” below. Big Grams, the EP will be released September 25th via Epic Records.