Seven years ago, Scarface temporarily put in his rap papers with Emeritus, offering a final middle finger to those who broke the G-code and supplying the world with even more wisdom. Seven years and even more life transgressions later, Facemob is delivering Deeply Rooted, a complete body of work according to many who’ve heard it, including N.O. Joe who produced a bulk of the album. The Best Buy deluxe edition comes with a single, “Mental Exorcism” that finds Face taking on the racism that has not only plagued America for decades but how often it’s taken center stage in television, newspaper headlines and more.

“Mental Exorcism” pays homage to the Black Lives Matter movement, reminding people of why it exists and why the attempted dismissal of it means that it’s definitely working. The ugly side of “Mental Exorcism” is that the viewer basically have to relive so many stories and headlines, and dig through so many emotions. Face is your narrator, calling bullshit when he sees it and “Mental Exorcism” takes you back to the points of rage in Ferguson, in Baltimore, with Eric Garner’s death, with Trayvon Martin & Jordan Davis, with the arrest of Sandra Bland and so many countless others. “Mental Exorcism” is a struggle to watch if you’ve been knee deep in #BlackLivesMatter and the various hashtags that have populated social media for a solid two years now. Watch the visual for yourself. “Mental Exorcism” appears as one of the many standout tracks from Facemob’s Deeply Rooted, which arrives tomorrow.