Raven Sorvino - Nextel Chirp (f. Gangsta Boo)

Sometimes it’s forgotten that Raven Sorvino can do rappity raps just as well as any of her counterparts. Usually, the Breakout Queen and Houston-to-Leimert Park product adopts an intentionally slowed down flow, one that allows her to rap or sing (or a combination of both) for catchy tunes (see, the bulk of her Life$tyle project earlier this year). Now, it seems Raven is issuing out reminders. Grabbing Tennessee spitter Gangsta Boo – yes, the same Gangsta Boo who won a 2015 Houston Press Award for her collaboration with BeatKing, Underground Cassette Tape – along for the ride, Sorvino unveiled a new track, “Nextel Chirp.”

Although its title is clearly inspired by Drake’s recent “Hotline Bling,” the comparisons between “Nextel Chirp” and “Hotline Bling” end shortly after Sorvino shouts out H-Town and Memphis, launching immediately into a hardcore flow. Raven’s usual suspects Woody’s Produce and J. Hyphen are on the boards for “Nextel Chirp,” dialing up the bass and employing a riding beat (and beeper-esque “chirps”). The track’s just under three minutes are more than enough time for Sorvino and Gangsta Boo to cite their dedication to the almighty dollar and legitimacy compared to their competition, the former insisting she steps out with her “weave long/my skin pretty like Nia Long” and Boo barking out her blistering verse with lines like “I don’t wanna hear your rap, b*tch!”

The Gangsta Boo-assisted “Nextel Chirp” appears on Raven Sorvino’s upcoming Pretty Pink EP, slated to arrive later this month.