The art of color and simplicity is on display in Rascal F. Kennedy’s visual for “Never”. There’s the graffiti in the background, the gold accents surrounding his Eazy-E t-shirt and a general vibe of enjoying a hot ass summer day in Houston. Kennedy could have found himself standing in front of that massive Iron Man piece in East Downtown but that would have been far too telling of his love of Marvel Comics and small nuances like that. The Judell Rome directed clip comes from Rascal F. Kennedy’s Beach Day EP which arrived earlier this summer (this July to be exact). The second of three tapes, Beach Day follows Sunset Ln and decides to up the feature list a bit more than ever with Gerald Walker & Doughbeezy contributing to the project along usual suspects like Rome, J. Whitt and more. You can count down the final days of the summer with Rascal F. Kennedy and stream Beach Day for yourself below.