Envy Hunter has always been a rapper’s rapper. One that may not necessarily tell you everything there is about the ills of the world but one that could easily tell you about experiencing the low points of life only to come out clean in the end. He, like many others in the Houston rap arena, knows that crafting something memorable may take him further away from home than he may even realize. He wanted to create the same type of tradition based rap that lifts not only lyricism and storytelling but also peaks and crests with every drum, every hi hat and every little bit of cultural influence that he grew up with. So, much like a number of recent Texas based musicians, Envy Hunter packed his bags and headed West.

Before he left, he crafted Living Out My Suitcase: LA, a breakup of his old life and a proposal to his new one. The 13-track album deals with the yo-yos of self-doubt and realization, the ability to juggle confident days with low ones while still maintaining some sense of sanity. It absolutely sucks to move, much less leave everything you already know and head elsewhere. It’s tougher to strap on a Cowboys hat, rap with a the precision of a sniper’s scope and still manage to be treated as one of the others. California sun may do Envy Hunter some good. He’s already aiming to do more with his life as laid out on “Hopeless.” “If this shit was hard, I’d be dead by now,” he affirms while dreaming to be better than his dad and to make his mama proud. He’s dealt with the scars of nearly dying and now he’s trying his best just to live in the warm sun and make music with the likes of Tay, A. Mays and more.

Names like Risky Boi, Chemist, General Beats and Tay all provided soundscapes to Envy over the past two months. Warm, at times summer and even sullen like the piano laced “Hopeless,” it all bleeds into a singular sound for the Houston rapper. Once more playing the balance beam of life. Stream “Hopeless” and stream Living Out My Suitcase: LA below.