Press wise, 2015 may have been the best year for T.H.E.M. The Houston Elite MCs managed to snag plenty of nominations at last week’s Houston Press Music Awards thanks to Nonpareil while also stomping a foot into the whole premise that traditional rap acts, you know, the ones built off of sampling and structured bars. Chris Rockaway & Jett I. Masstyr, two producers who’ve probably laid on their beds on numerous occasions playing the synth build from “Summer Madness,” fry eggs on the sidewalk for “Summer Finale”.

A toast to the Houston heat, “Summer Finale” samples 50 Cent’s reason for murder from June to August off “Heat” and lets T.H.E.M. nod off in their own groove. Kidd The Great, hasHBrown & KeepItDef all decide to carry the flag for the crew on “Summer Finale,” a fair mix of Houston soul and flair. Stream T.H.E.M.’s first single since Nonpareil below.