Let’s run down a timeline. OneHunnidt, poet and now very capable rapper released Field Sobriety in February. It was nominated for a Houston Press Music Award for Best Rap Album/Mixtape but lost out to BeatKing & Gangsta Boo’s Underground Cassette Tape. His best single, the one that mixed bars, nostalgia and some strong vocals was nominated for Best Song at the 2015 Houston Press Music Awards, losing to another nostalgic record that arrived three days later but with enough Swishahouse alums for a reunion concert. In short, OneHunnidt released two strong things into the Houston rap ecosystem and while they weren’t awarded, people knew and gave a shit about them and that may be the ultimate victory in the long run.

Now, OneHunnidt’s back to asking simple questions about the radio. Simple questions like, “where are the rappers who can actually rap?” He and Yung Knight team up once more to ask “Where Dey At?” Not in the Boost Mobile way but maybe more in the Future kind of way. “Where Dey At?” sort of rides the same momentum “Ain’t Mad” did when it debuted months ago and it allows OneHunnidt to not only be sort of dismissive of the status quo but seek things that pique his interests. Not everything on the radio has to be “Exhibit C” but something near its lineage has to exist. Stream “Where Dey At?” from OneHunnidt & Yung Knight below.