Gerald Walker - Follow Through

“What’s the point if you ain’t got no follow-through?”

With the release date for his long-awaited TARGET album fast approaching, Gerald Walker and his Milwaukee Family have set loose a new single from the project on the internets, “Follow Through.”

Opening at first with a frantic keyboard instrumental that melts into a tribal beat, “Follow Through” takes a smoother form. The instrumental, it seems, reflects the changes that Gerald Walker himself had to go through to get where he is now. Picking up where previous single “No Heart Feelings” left off, Walker uses “Follow Through” to address those who have been present, almost conveniently, for the end result, but not for the grind that got him where he is. “They never seen me working in retail,” Walker reflects, “They never seen me takin’ that loss/ ’cause they finally came when we prevailed.” It’s a reminder that perhaps the only thing more important than following through, is the motivation behind the people who follow you.

Gerald Walker & The Family’s TARGET LP arrives September 22, though pre-orders for the album are available now on iTunes.