God, where do you begin with NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn?

People give the WWE a ton of crap over how mundane that their bigger, far more established shows like RAW and Smackdown can be. How we wrestling fans who patrol the Internet on a daily basis crack wise with “CENA WINS LOL” whenever you hear John Cena’s entrance music and expect him to take home a victory after overcoming the odds and how he’s really the one super heel the WWE actually employs. Then you have something like NXT, a logically booked, wrestling emphasized entity where storylines ask you to be invested and you’re damn near reduced to a puddle when they deliver on happy endings. It’s the indie fed of your dreams, run by a guy in Triple H that you could have never pictured doing such a thing maybe three years ago.

People legit care about NXT, about the characters and the little nuances they do. Like William Regal announcing a Dusty Rhodes Classic Tag Tournament (I’m legit fantasy booking the Rhodes boys reunite one last time for dear old Dad) or NXT starting to travel all over the country now. P.S., when they come to Houston before Night of Champions, I’m heading there, plain and simple.

Last night, NXT sold out a 16,000 seat arena. The same area that’s hosting the WWE’s second biggest Pay Per View of the year. They also gave you a legend coming over for the first time in Jushin Thunder Liger (at 50 no less) against Tyler Breeze, Apollo Crews looking like a legit star, Samoa Joe doing his best to look more like the 2007 version of himself before Kurt Angle and TNA really ruined him and the two main events. God the two main events. We knew Owens vs. Bálor was going to deliver and you could tell from the moment Owens flat out said, he used to sit in the nosebleeds watching Pay-Per-Views and now he’s main eventing one. Still, as good as Bálor vs. Owens was, it didn’t fully capture all of your emotions like Sasha Banks & Bayley.

Bayley vs. Sasha Banks told a story two years in the making. Of how the both of them were enhancement talent in NXT and how the two of them went in different directions to get to this one point. Sasha chose the Dark Side, aligned herself with all of the major heels the NXT’s Women’s Division had to offer while crafting a persona of false self-confidence that eventually became her selling point to being the best female wrestler in the world. You know how we already know Finn Bálor has The Demon has his calling card for most big matches? Sasha has The Boss — and she lives it every day now ever since she finally beat Charlotte to win the NXT Women’s Title. Bayley on the other hand, she’s the female Sami Zayn. Too good, too nice. She broke her hand right during the middle of the Diva’s Revolution and got literally Back To The Future’d by Charlotte, Becky Lynch and even Sasha. It’s her still slumming it up with Dana Brooke and Emma and still trying to cut her teeth to win. When she lost to Charlotte, we teared up. But damn if I didn’t want to cry tears of joy over NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn last night.

Yes, if you can tell from the top image, Bayley beat Sasha Banks after a Reverse Rana and a Belly to Bayley. Yes, she and Sasha Banks stole the show. Yes, they had their Big Match Entrances with Sasha rolling out with security guards and an Escalade and Bayley rocking the polka dots of DUSTY RHODES to power her on. Yes, if you booked that match after the ladder match, it may have put the Brooklyn crowd on an even crazier emotional high but still, Bayley vs. Sasha had everything. We’re talking ring psychology that was a hallmark to Guerrero/Mysterio from Halloween Havoc ’97, Sasha being so diabolical by stomping on Bayley’s previously broken hand during the Bank Statement just moments after hitting a springboard plancha over the referee to prove a point. Then the ending post match.

Sasha Banks, crying. Not because she lost a title but because she knows this is it. Her NXT journey is pretty much done and tomorrow, she will show back up in that same arena as arguably the most over female wrestler in the company. Then the Four Horsewomen all get a curtain call and again, it was damn emotional and fitting. I know NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn felt like a season finale, a swan song for a couple of people like Owens and Sasha Banks but it’s a start of something new for everyone else. Where Bayley can get her turn at the top

NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn Results
1. Jushin Thunder Liger def. Tyler Breeze; Liger made his WWE debut (at age 50 no less), took selfies with Breeze’s selfie stick and then defeated him in a tight contest with a Running Liger Bomb.
2. The Vaudevillains def. Blake & Murphy to become the new NXT Tag Team Champions; to solve the Alexa Bliss problem, Gotch & English recruited BLUE PANTS~!. After constant miscommunication from the champs, Gotch & English hit the Whirling Dervish to become new champs.
3. Apollo Crews def. Tye Dillinger; Crews made his NXT debut, finishing off Dillinger with a military press and standing moonsault. Too Easy.
4. Samoa Joe def. Baron Corbin; Joe won with the Rear Naked Choke
5. Bayley def. Sasha Banks to become the new NXT Women’s Champion; after an instant classic, Bayley won with a Reverse Rana followed by a Belly to Bayley.
6. Finn Bálor def. Kevin Owens in a ladder match to retain the NXT Championship; Bálor & Owens brawled all over the place before Bálor put Owens down with a Coup De Grace off the ladder before climbing back up and retaining.