No matter how he may have found it, Scarface’s constant paranoia, born from his childhood has always found a way into his music. It’s catapulted him to crafting some of the darkest, yet brilliant rap songs that the genre has ever produced, a Hitchcock like mind for detail, storytelling and empathy. That paranoia stretches further in his brand new video for “Steer” as Brad Jordan still has one more lick to hit before he gives the game up for good. Like most good licks that are “too good to be true,” this one involves the police, a dealer who isn’t on the up and up and a third verse that lets the narrative sync directly with the lyrics, all making for a strong, striking ending.

Catch the “Steer” video from Scarface below. Deeply Rooted arrives September 4th with a litany of features and more of the classic verbiage that’s made Scarface a top flight emcee for damn near three decades now.