There are certain things about Future’s “Where Ya At” video with Drake that we can be honest about. We can definitely be honest that the banging Dirty Sprite 2 single is won mostly by Future and Metro Boomin’s production. We can attest that the video, shot by Sam Lecca is pretty barebones with the Freebandz crew all offering one another a toast for being loyal and down to see further success. You can now dead the questions about Drake and Future’s previous issues around the “Tony Montana” video because here they are as chum-ly as can be. Also, Drake seems a bit fat, he’s definitely carrying the “I won a beef with somebody without answering the main question,” weight that most happy people do. We can admit that Drake showed up to the “Where Ya At” video in one of those Jordan flight suits that makes him look far more like a Power Ranger about to hop in a Zord and everyone just nodded and agreed to let him do it.

We probably should go ahead and say that the most memorable Vine/GIF of the entire video comes from DJ Esco literally geeking out and walking on a rooftop to match the beat. Actually, DJ Esco & Metro Boomin are the actual winners of the “Where Ya At” video solely because of the personal dance party the two of them have while Future plays it up for the camera. We now need a buddy cop movie through the streets of Atlanta solely with Metro & Esco, complete with Magic City Mondays cameos and plenty of empty double cups to surround them.

Future’s Dirty Sprite 2 is available now.