Melanie Fiona - Bite the Bullet

It may have a taken a second to get here, but Melanie Fiona’s surprise summer single “Bite The Bullet” now has a set of visuals to match it.

Bullet-riddled imagery and guns are front and center in the “Bite the Bullet” music video, although director Carmen Murray doesn’t exactly have violence in mind. There’s beauty in the ammunition – in the video’s opening moments, viewers are treated to a belt of bullets draped over the shoulder of a woman in a swimsuit, and shortly thereafter, the gorgeous Melanie Fiona comes prancing in, adorned in all black and wearing a fedora and thigh high stockings as bullet holes penetrate the “glass” of the camera. The guns themselves, meanwhile, have muzzles that take various shapes – microphones for Melanie to sing her sad tale into, for example, or trumpets to match the horns that strike during the song’s hook.

Over the course of the four-minute runtime, “Bite the Bullet’s” visuals suggest a build-up towards an eventual showdown of sorts between Melanie and the man who “shot her down” (seen stalking the hallways in a hoodie). That point lands towards the end, when Fiona has apparently grown strong enough to face the music, literally, point-blank.

Melanie Fiona’s “Bite the Bullet” single is on iTunes now. “Bite the Bullet” appears on Fiona’s upcoming third album, Awake, due out sooner than later.