Last week, Le$ delivered fury and passion in “RAGE,” the Happy Perez produced cut that marked his first release of any kind since Steak & Shrimp Vol. 1. The soundscape for Le$ via Happy Perez production continues as he stands atop a gumbo of drums, jungle fury and the astral cool of pimp-like horns for “Gahdamn”.

Running with some eclectic percussion the same way his Boss Hogg OG Slim Thug did back when he was working with Pharrell & Chad, Le$ works with Happy Perez to sing a bit, discuss why he’ll post up in the Galleria but never buy anything “because that shit’s weak” and more. “Hol’ up, GAHDAMN, too cold, so I gotta be the man,” he spits on the chorus, about as forward with his own self-confidence as Goldie was issuing out commandments in The Mack. Stream “Gahdamn” from Le$ and Happy Perez below. is coming soon.