blue bell byke

This is not a drill. After weeks of rumor and speculation, the cat is out of the bag – Blue Bell Ice Cream will be back in stores as early as late August.

Per Houston’s own KTRK Channel 13 news, Blue Bell Creameries will begin distributing ice cream to cities across the country again starting on August 31st. The distribution plan to stores and retailers will occur in five phases, with Phase One starting in Texas (Brenham, Houston, and Austin) and Alabama (Birmingham and Montgomery). In the months and phases to follow, Blue Bell will gradually expand distribution to north central Texas and Arkansas (Phase Two); then Southwest Texas and Oklahoma (Phase Three); then to Louisiana (Phase Four); and then to Florida, Mississippi, and parts of Georgia, Kentucky, Missouri, the Carolinas, and more. No official dates have been announced yet for the remaining four phases, however.

Development for Blue Bell’s product has not yet been expanded to the Brenham creamery or the Broken Arrow facility (the location initially responsible for the listeria outbreak).

The weather in Texas is still just below Hell temperatures, so Blue Bell will be back just in time for you to keep cool the right way – with a half-pint of Moo-lennium Crunch.