A woman who had her vagina forcibly searched by Harris County police officers during a traffic stop for marijuana has had the charges against her dropped, The Star-Telegram reports. Charneisa Corley, 21 was pulled over June 20 by the officers for running a stop sign. Her lawyer, Sam Cammack states that his client was asked to leave her vehicle as one of the male officers claimed to smell marijuana inside the car. Following a search, the officers found no traces of marijuana but instead of writing Corley a ticket, she was pulled to the side of the road and given a cavity search by two female officers. She was arrested and charged with marijuana possession and resisting arrest.

Corley alleged that the officers had violated her civil rights by illegally performing the search. Cammack filed a claim with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, deeming the search unconstitutional. According to the Star-Telegram, prosecutors didn’t immediately respond as to why the charges against Corley were dropped, nor did a spokeswoman for the sheriff’s office have information on a complaint being filed.

Deputies did confiscate .02 ounces of marijuana at the scene but no one can confirm where at the scene the drugs were found. At least the public knows they weren’t found in Charneisa Corley’s vagina.