J Rhodes - These Beats Ain't Free

Rapper. Producer. And now, author?

Having made his Vintage Rhodes brand a Dallas mainstay and even gotten industry acclaim for his board-work – Rhodes’ instrumentation on LeCrae’s stand-out 2014 LP Anomaly earned him a Billboard Music Award – J. Rhodes has his sights on conquering a new territory: the literary market.

Okay, maybe it’s not THAT serious, but Justin Rhodes’ aim in releasing his new book These Beats Ain’t Free, is less about him and more about helping budding producers and aspiring music makers learn all the right moves to get their work out to the general public.

Branded as “the definitive guide to finding your way into the game and (making) music your full time job,” These Beats Ain’t Free looks to be mostly musings on the grind and dedication it takes to reach one’s level as a music-maker. On the other hand, the book in both title and execution aims to re-iterate why, for producers, “free” beats can practically take food out of their mouths.

Pre-orders for J. Rhodes’ These Beats Ain’t Free book are available now, both in a hard-copy form and in a bundle (which includes both a signed hard copy and digital copy, as well as a t-shirt), on vintagerhodes.com. These Beats Ain’t Free releases later this month, on August 24th. As an added bonus, you can watch J. Rhodes’ hilarious promo video for the book, by way of a parody remake of Kendrick Lamar’s “For Free?” interlude, down below.