Houston rap fan bases are usually patient ones. Well, most Houston rap fan bases. Those who proclaim to be major fans of Le$ have literally been asking him for new material every day since last year’s Steak X Shrimp Vol. 1. Even when it comes to us, we have let Le$ take his time with his product since March’s visual for “’96” featuring Baton Rouge legend Max Minelli & Paul Wall. What makes “Rage” different than almost one hundred different Le$ songs is that it remains murky for its entire duration thanks to Happy Perez and it combines all of the little things Le$ does well. That rap voice that contains a bit of authority while smoking good green and plowing through less Whataburger than he used to. The ability to rap with confidence that people who work minimum wage should never, under any circumstances be concerned with haters. The knack for knowing exactly when to jump on a beat and ride it until the tank hits E. That’s what makes Le$ a pretty damn good rapper and what makes “Rage” part protest music and another extension of how expansive Le$’ catalog has become.