Like the rest of us, Robert Kelly is getting old.

The self-proclaimed Pied Piper of R&B has always thrived on tracks that drip sex, and he’ll always be known for that if nothing else. But Kels also has a penchant to create songs that prompt a two-step or line dance.

“Backyard Party,” the first single from R. Kelly’s upcoming Buffet album, falls in the latter category. Like “Step In The Name of Love” and “Happy People” before it, “Backyard Party” has a more grown feel to it, right down to its riding ’70s-soul ish instrumental. It’s a song of celebration, of kicking back after all the hard work has been done, and just taking in the moment. Though it arrives at the close of summer, “Backyard Party” is also just in time to find itself a late addition to cookout playlists (Labor Day Weekend, anyone?).

With a title like Buffet, you can bet the more raunchy tracks are going to come (no pun intended). For now, though, let’s appreciate “Backyard Party” for what it is as the future Soul Train line song at all the spring weddings. Stream the single below and mark your calendars accordingly for R. Kelly’s Buffet LP, slated to release September 25.