We’ve officially hit that part in life where Chance the Rapper & Lil B combine to form the most positive force in the universe. Today, the two link together for a Free Based Freestyles mixtape, a collection of well … free based freestyles. Think about it, Chance & Lil B are bosom buddies for one common aspect – positivity. The Based God has made a career out of mumbling, rambling stream of consciousness freestyles and Chance has let his sound transform into being part of a band leader, jazzy and free as hell.

What does Free Based Freestyles do for you, you may ask? Well, they do plenty. Chicago Public Libraries, Kendrick Lamar, Thundercat, Keith Jenkins, Chicago’s Chatham neighborhood all get shotuouts. Noname Gypsy gets to fuck around and admit how bad she is at trying to rap off the top of her head. Nate Fox can glide in on production, Lil B can offer public condolences to The Jacka in tribute and Chance can look at the Taste of Chicago foolishly charging people for tickets. It is literally two rappers coming together in the booth and making whatever the hell they felt like making.

I would say try not to take it seriously but dammit, we know someone will. You get six tracks of Chance & Based God doing things. Listen to Free Based Freestyles now via Soundcloud.