As hot as it is in a Houston summer, Varrie V may have an answer to that. Back in February, days after Valentine’s Day she released her “Red Light Special” single following a month long campaign on various social media platforms. If it worked, it worked because she’s repeating the process once more for the full-length visual which is about as risqué as we’ve seen from a burgeoning Houston singer in forever.

It’s far too easy to note that Varrie V is a beautiful woman. It’s also far to easy to notice how much she leans towards sensuality in the face of outright pleasure with “Red Light Special”. The Ngigi Githoro directed video features Varrie V in glitter and gold, long blonde extensions and her body contorting in such a slow wind you can almost count the seconds by the movements. She’s joined by another woman, touched, teased and all for the point of driving the feeling of a song home. Promising as it may be, “Red Light Special” should eventually lead to something bigger down the road for Varrie V. At least beyond daring other R&B singers to try and out do her sensuality in a music video.