James Fauntleroy - Breakthrough-Goodbye

James Fauntleroy is spoiling us this weekend.

No, but seriously. The singer-songwriter just released a new track on Friday in “Who Are You.” And yet, here we are on the first of August, one day later, and another Fauntleroy song emerged on the internet at the stroke of midnight.

Unlike the pensive slow jam that preceded it, “Breakthrough-Goodday” is much more upbeat – summery, even. Its title forewarns listeners that this is actually a two-in-one track, with “Breakthrough” employing a riding beat and strumming guitars that flirt with being zydeco-lite. “Goodday” takes over at the 1:49 mark, a song that relies much more on sweeping instrumentation and occasional adlibs and one or two verses from James himself.

But what’s most intriguing about “Breakthrough-Goodday?” Fauntleroy tagging the track with “#almost done.” What, exactly, is almost done? And might that explain why the so-called “Black Mario” has been in such a giving mood lately, to prepare fans for a project to come?

These, perhaps, are questions better left to another day. For now, mellow out and enjoy the summer worthy two-piece that is “Breakthrough-Goodday” down below.