Tink is finally becoming a household name. It took radio embracing her Aaliyah-sampling “Million” single to put her in everyone’s ears, but making bangers is nothing new for the Timbaland protegè. Before “Million,” before “Ratchet Commandments,” and even before her doing work on “Movin’ Bass,” Tink had been quietly making a name for herself by way of her Winter’s Diary mixtape series.

Earlier today, Tink released Winter’s Diary 3, the third and perhaps hardest-hitting yet of the series. The timing couldn’t be better, sandwiched between “Million” getting spins and her much awaited debut LP’s impending release.

Featuring production from the likes of DJ Wes, Cookin’ Soul, Silly Tha Producer, Jelan Abrams, Dre Native, and even Timbaland himself (who laces the beat for standout cut “L.E.A.S.H.” with a classic, 90s-era Timbo instrumemtal), Winter’s Diary 3’s ten tracks have something for every kind of listener. The slow burning “Stripclub,” for example, is soft enough to get a lapdance to, yet it still tells a story. Outro track “Afterparty” has Tink settling into an 80s dance-pop groove reminiscent of Janet Jackson’s “Pleasure Principle.” And for those who prefer rappin’ ass Tink, “Route 42 to San Fran” delivers that and then some.

Stream & download Tink’s Winter’s Diary 3 mixtape down below. The emcee’s major label debut Think Tink – on Timbaland’s Mosley Music Group imprint – is set to release later this year.