Seven years after he went into a sort of label retirement with Emeritus, Scarface is set to give fans his 13th solo album, Deeply Rooted on September 4th. The album, the first of his to be released on his FaceMob Music imprint will contain a multitude of guests Face has been able to get on speed dial for the longest in Nas & Z-Ro as well as guest appearances from John Legend, Cee-Lo Green, Rick Ross, Papa Rue and more. The nice mix of crooners and rappers on Deeply Rooted lets the world know that Facemob is back, as evident from his “Exit Plan” with Akon & “No Problem,” two singles that were released in 2014.

See the tracklist to Deeply Rooted below.

01. Intro
02. Rooted (Feat. Papa Rue)
03. The Hot Seat
04. Dope Man Pushin’ (Feat. Papa Rue)
05. Fuck You Too (Feat. Z-Ro)
06. Steer (Feat. Rush Davis)
07. Anything
08. Do What I Do (Feat. Nas, Rick Ross and Z-Ro)
09. God (Feat. John Legend)
10. Keep It Movin’ (Feat. Avant)
11. You (Feat. Cee-Lo Green)
12. All Bad
13. Voices
14. No Problem
15. Outro