Two things are guaranteed whenever there’s a new drop from R&B/pop duo LionBabe. One, is that the music is going to broach on slightly pop yet still be smooth. The second, is that the impending visuals that follow the music will almost certainly feature vocalist Jillian Hervey looking damn good as her counterpart, Lucas Goodman, holds down the beat in the background somehow.

“Impossible” is the most recent track to follow that formula. Released by the group earlier this month, the single’s official music video landed earlier this morning. Hervey’s gorgeous visage and wild mane are the obvious stars here, standing out alongside clouds of glitter cast out by the singer. But in a rare break in form, producer Goodman gives in to the beat, too – not content to just banging the drums, he lets loose towards the video’s end with some dance moves of his own. It’s fun, it’s funky, but damn if it doesn’t end before it really begins.

LionBabe’s “Impossible” single is out now on iTunes.