Two June’s ago, Killa Kyleon dropped Lean On Me, a slim yet focused mixtape that offered some of the best of Killa Kyleon without having to fight through the doldrums of “hey, Killa Kyleon made a straight up Houston rap tape”. 

Not even giving his 30 Days 30 Deaths freestyle tape a little air, Kyleon jumps back to 2013 and “ESE,” a trap heavy point blank drug rap move where the plug of course is Hispanic, Chapo Guzman is a folk hero and Pablo Escobar, the most discussed real life drug lord in rap gets a few minutes of screen time.

What do you get from David Stunts’ direction on “ESE”? Something that should have been part of Entourage’s Medellin movie with cock fights, guns and Kills Kyleon at the border, in control of his surroundings.

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