Bobbi Kristina_RIP

After spending months in hospice care in a coma, Bobbi Kristina Brown – the daughter of belated singer Whitney Houston and rapper-singer Bobby Brown – passed away this afternoon. She was only 22 years old.

Brown’s death seems the inevitable end to what was a battle for the young woman ever since being found in unresponsive in her bathtub this past January. She was in an eerily similar condition to that which her mother Whitney was found in when she was pronounced dead just three years ago. The young girl was immediately taken to a hospital in Roswell, Georgia, and put on a ventilator to assist in her breathing. When that didn’t help much, Bobbi Kristina was placed in a medically induced coma at Emery University Hospital in Atlanta; she remained in the coma for over five months.

In the months that followed, fans of Whitney and sympathizers joined in prayer with and support of the Houston family. At one point this past Spring, in a concert performance, Bobby Brown said that Bobbi Kristina had been showing signs of recovery. But Bobbi Kristina remained in a rehabilitation center, until being moved to hospice care at Peachtree Christian Hospice last month on June 24th. It was there, in Peachtree Christian, that Bobbi Kristina, passed, surrounded by her family.

In a statement to Entertainment Tonight, the Houston family said of Bobbi, “She is finally at peace in the arms of God. We want to again thank everyone for their tremendous amount of love and support during these last few months.”

It is yet another tragic blow to the Houston family, to have lost both Whitney and Bobbi Kristina within years of each other. Rumor persists still that part of the reason for Bobbi Kristina’s condition, came as a reaction to the fact that the young woman could never fully get over Whitney’s passing. At the least, it should be reassuring that Bobbi will be reunited with her beloved mother in a better place. Rest in power.