Prince - 3rdEYEGirl_album

After the release of a brand-new, out of the blue Prince single to start July in the hard-rocking “HARDROCKLOVER,” speculation arose that the Purple One might be cooking up a new album. Turns out, it’s not speculation after all.

3RDEYEGIRL, Prince’s band, revealed in a BBC interview today that there is, in fact, a new Prince album on the near horizon. The album is slated to be entitled HITNRUN, so named after Prince and the band’s recent “pop-up” concert tour series of surprise stops. The news may come as somewhat of a shock to some seeing as how Prince released two albums just last year, given the artist’s penchant for more sporadically timed releases.

Talking to 6Music’s Matt Everett, 3rdEyeGirl said that the upcoming album “is absolutely for super hardcore Prince fans. It’s weird, there’s a lot of experimental sound… [as opposed to] that classic Purple Rain Prince sound.” “HARDROCKLOVER” is being considered the HITNRUN album’s first official single, with two more confirmed tracks being a new version of “1,000 Hugs and Kisses” and a “totally different, really industrial sounding” remake of “This Could Be Us” (one of the stand-out cuts off last year’s Art Official Age LP).

Although no official release date has been given for HITNRUN, 3RDEYEGIRL told Everett, “It’s definitely something that’s going to be released right away. It’s just not been nailed down yet.”

Given how “HARDROCKLOVER” was sprung onto listeners and the industry’s new trend of surprise album drops, don’t be too shocked if HITNRUN lands sooner than later. But prepare for a Purple Fall at the least.