The story of bad things happening to good people reared its ugly head again earlier this week as Devin The Dude found himself the victim of a home invasion. 

According to a Facebook post,  the Dude returned to his Northwest Houston apartment earlier this week to find that all of his recording equipment from microphones to mixers, televisions and computers were all stolen. 

“This is really fucked up!” he wrote on Instagram before listing all of the items stolen. He assured fans that no kickdoor perpetrated by sheisty, trife individuals wouldn’t slow him down and promised a new album would be coming in November.

For those who know Devin the Dude, he’s one of the few Houston artists that has assured himself of legendary status solely by being himself. He always comes off as genuine and humble, ready to share a beer or a blunt with you if you’re cool enough. 

Prayers up to Devin The Dude and here’s hoping the thieves are caught.