Beat King Deal

Houston’s own Club Godzilla is about to go nationwide.

Never mind that rapper-producer-seizer of the moment BeatKing already has plenty of songs with his name attached to them bombarding radio not just locally but across the country already. “Stand Behind Her” is all but a radio staple in the south and his Gangster Stripper Music and Club God mixtape series are adding momentum to a growing legend.

This morning, BeatKing took to Twitter to announce that he’d signed a label deal with Penalty Entertainment and Sony Red. The details of the deal are still unclear at the moment, but the obvious immediate impact will allow for Beat King Kong to expand distribution of his releases, to say nothing of the huge opportunity that will come with a major label debut.

For BeatKing himself, it’s a sign that consistency and dedication does come with rewards. In 2015 alone, the Houston emcee has either released or had his name attached to at least one song every month since January. Sometimes hard work really does pay off.