Let’s chart the timeline that took us to Post Malone’s “White Iverson” video.

In February, Post Malone’s “White Iverson” appeared on a multitude of blogs, namely Pigeons & Planes. My initial response to the song went something like this, “Upon initial listen, “White Iverson” doesn’t knock you off your feat. Post Malone’s vocals are conversational, lingering in and out like key points of a talk between two friends than a speech that’ll change your life. FKi’s production mixes piano melody and drums that make enough noise to draw you in but the whole effort doesn’t seem all that mesmerizing.”

From that day on, “White Iverson” continued to move into the conscious, amassing over 16 million plays on Soundcloud alone. The Dallas born, Los Angeles based singer was considered one of the hottest new properties in music, be damned if a video of him awkwardly doing a cover of Bob Dylan’s “Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right” surfaced online. Other songs floated out, gaining consideration but nothing quite like the wave of “White Iverson”.

Which brings us to today, with the official “White Iverson” video. Post takes to the desert, circled by a white Rolls Royce and at times switching from all black to all white to that on the nose throwback Allen Iverson PHILA jersey. He tosses a white basketball up behind his head and of course it swishes through. It’s simple, the “White Iverson” video. The singer has already had a massive Dallas homecoming but hasn’t gotten slapped with the same cartoonish appropriation that RiFF RaFF got hit with (braids, gold teeth). So far, he’s doing pretty damn well. So far. Watch the “White Iverson” video for yourself below.