If you ask Lee-Lonn about the worst stage you can be in when it comes to a relationship, it’s the ignoring stage. The one where time and effort seemingly go for naught and the appreciation for everything dwindles almost down to a spindle. The singer’s recording process, which may cause him to become a recluse for weeks at a time has been fruitful. He’s picked up two Houston Press Music Award nominations and with the help of producer Chris Rockaway, he’s found a way to add a bit of James Fauntleroy in him, especially on “Invisible,” the latest leak to hit his Soundcloud page.

For a two minute interlude, “Invisible” gets its point across. Through some string acoustics, Lee-Lonn’s more mature vocal range decides to glide upward in a form of inquisition. “Why am I invisible to you? Is there something I’m doing wrong?” he asks, almost attempting to use his voice as a weapon to gain more answers and progress. It’s a crappy position to be in but dammit, somethings have to happen. Stream “Invisible” by Lee-Lonn below.

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