Last year while visiting San Francisco, I had a conversation with Nick Pratt, the Fort Worth to Los Angeles rapper who had been bubbling and crafting music with Lazy J. The end result of that work, Dark Matter: A Space Age Odyssey is some carefully crafted Texas meets the Bay with a ton of indo smoke rolled in music. Life in Los Angeles hasn’t been all sunshine, beaches and women for NIck Pratt. In an interview with Respect, he revealed that he’s dealt with racial profiling at the hands of the Culver City Police Department. “It was demeaning as hell,” he said of the experience. “It always is. My black is beautiful, not criminal, and I hate that I have to defend myself for my birthright; the gift that is my blackness.”

A brand new Nick Pratt record landed on the world today in the form of “Still Swangin/Thumpin”. Based on a mix of Texas car culture and the LA sun, the record matches Pratt & Lazy J once more for some lowkey thump and glide. Pratt’s lyrics dig into his issues with the police, doing his best to control his anger before handling disagreements and plex with his fists. All of it is his form of swanging and banging, even though he may be 1,600 miles away from home. Listen to the Respect premiered track below.