Melat - It Happens So Fast

It’s the summer vibes we love, it’s the “get me out of work so I can enjoy the sun” music, it’s the clear summer nights with a candle and a glass of wine.

This is how Melát describes her newest EP, It Happens So Fast. The release of the Austinite songbird’s new project comes somewhat of a surprise – though the EP’s been anticipated since the release of its first single, “Sexy Us,” two weeks ago, it hadn’t had a drop date and certainly wasn’t expected to arrive so soon. Nonetheless, Melát has returned with smooth sounds for the second half of the summer.

Five tracks deep and featuring some of the usual suspects on production when it comes to Melát – JansportJ and Pha Tha Phenom, for example – It Happens So Fast differs from its predecessors, Melát says, because it’s “the first time [she’s] ever done a project with multiple producers.” And yet, each of the other chosen producers’ instrumentation seems to follow one after the other in perfect sync, the mood never ruined and consistent throughout; from Sam Greens, Maaps, and Moon Bounce having Melát come out swinging immediately with the upbeat “You,” to Pha slowing it down to a pace DJ Screw would be proud of on “Twenty Ten.”

But it’s not just a showcase of sounds. The R&B singer takes advantage of the semi-diversity of sounds to tailor her voice accordingly, tiptoeing seductively down WoodysProduce’s “If It’s Gold I Love” and “Twenty Ten,” for example, and her breathy voice setting a smooth, carefree tone on “You.”

Stream Melát’s It Happens So Fast EP for yourself down below; and grab the EP for free.99 off the songstress’s website here.