On the same day that Future liberates “Where Ya At,” the much-anticipated collaboration with Drake off the rapper-singer’s upcoming Dirty Sprite 2 album, the Freebandz man has also opted to keep things moving forward with his candid “Like I Never Left” series. The rapper released part four the series on the internets earlier this morning.

Per Complex:

In this portion of the documentary, Future talks about how he really knew he was made for the music game when he experienced success with his first hit, “Racks,” and how he’s been able to continue that same formula throughout his career. On how he’s become so good at making hits, Future said that it’s simply a gift and that he can’t really explain it. He also said that if he gave out the entire formula he wouldn’t be around anymore because other artists are already biting his style so much that he can’t give it all away.

Future then talked about his open use of codeine cough syrup, and how he doesn’t take it for leisure purposes, but more to help him create while he’s in the studio. “I’m just in a zone right now, so I just need to record cus everything that I feel, I feel like I’m connecting with the Earth, I’m connecting spiritually with everything that’s going on so anytime I’m able to connect with it, I’m able to absorb it, I’m able to speak it,” Future said. “Music is feeling, and I got the feeling right now, everything is just happening for me in the best way possible, so I want to take advantage of this moment, and just record as much as possible, because everything that I’m doing, is just coming out and touching people’s souls and just possessing.”

Future’s Dirty Sprite 2 LP touches down in stores and online retailers in less than 24 hours.

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