When you mention Deep Ellum to anyone in Dallas, the first thing that comes to mind is hipster. Gentrification. A mix of budding Dallas cool heads along with brick buildings slotted next to one another near the outskirts of actual downtown Dallas. When you mention it to a complete outsider, the first thing that’ll pop to mind is the music scene that resides in the small area, a place that is the center of the Dallas performing scene from Dada to The Prophet Bar to Trees to the legendary Bomb Factory & South Side Ballroom. Deep Ellum is almost akin to Abbey Road in London and Dallas hip-hop is staking claim to complete ownership of Deep Ellum. Yuppies and outsiders can leave, this is the territory of The Outfit, TX, G.U.N, the IRAS and more. The young, hungry side of Dallas music.

Recently, The Outfit, TX offered a bit of a written accompaniment to why Dallas feels its finally ready to topple over and spread all over the country musically. Now a full blown EP between the Dallas to Houston and back trio and some of Dallas’ new luminaries has surfaced, premiered by Noisey.

Look at the guest features on Deep Ellum to get a sense of why this is going to be a fun regional rap tape: Crit Morris, K. Vation, G.U.N., Ea$e, Lil Ralo, Que P, Diego Money, Kissed Killed, and Devy Stonez. That’s a slice into what Dallas wants to offer via a multitude of sounds of chaos, all signifying something. Somebody is going to attempt to out rap someone. Someone is going to go for broke on a guest verse. What’s going to occur with the Deep Ellum EP is rather simple, a shot in the arm to the national conscious of what Dallas rap is and what it will be from here on out.

Plus, it serves as a precursor to what The Outfit, TX has in regards to a follow up to their beloved Cognac/Four Corner Room tape from 2013. Stream the Deep Ellum EP below.

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