Art is a subjective thing, love isn’t.

The Hive Society debuted their AXIOM art series last Friday night, sans air condition for most of the night with live exhibits, a spirited performance from Lyric Michelle and DJ Auditory transforming what has preconceived notions of being stuck up and haughty, your stereotypical art show into a mixture of a party. Of a flowing, constantly moving body where church and food and relaxation can be had all at once.

What AXIOM represented last Friday night was a showcase of creativity. Dre Price, Shawn Artis, Blue Secatero, Hype Lee, Nic De La High and others brought forth what they consider their greatest form of expression. Photographs, paintings, all different slices of emotion and feeling. It wasn’t just the art that brought hundreds of people plus to fill the East End Gallery, it was companionship. Support.


“I’m just glad it turned out like this,” Hive Society leader Adrian Edmonds said at the event. The air condition no longer worked but food and drinks and music kept people who were standing to gawk at filtered photos and the varying lens of human thought and identity around. It kept them aroused, enthralled and for multiple moments, comfortable to do something that differed from a concert or a simple kickback.

I’ll readily admit, I came underdress to the proceeding. I thought a T-shirt and shorts, cookout attire would be perfect for a night where I would deal with possible heat due to a ton of bodies floating around. Instead there were people in suits, fashionable hats and dresses, blazers. Accentuating their own choices and decisions. I didn’t feel exactly prepared for the moment. Then again, you don’t really prepare for art until it’s right there in your face.

It took enough to grab 8th Wonder Brewery and Remy Martin to supply drinks and spirits. It took a caterer to slide enough bowls of pasta to attendees who caught hunger. People danced to Future, to Toro Y Moi, to mixes while photos were sold and plenty of networking was to be had. AXIOM will return in the Winter, according to Edmonds and The Hive Society. They decided upon an art gallery to settle their initial fundraiser. They wanted AXIOM to be a launching point for something bigger. They succeeded.