Welcome back to Easy Yves Saint season. A year and some change after his Sincerely Yves tape hit the waves and plenty of people (myself included) anointed it as one of the best rap tapes of the year, the Queens emcee to Houston rapper dusts off the Adidas tracksuit and returns to some dank surroundings for “7187”, a play on the NYC area code and the universal numeric code for a homicide.

If you were curious as to whether or not Easy Yves Saint was going to keep up the metaphors and double entendres, your curiosity is answered within the first few seconds. Utilizing Snoop & Dr. Dre’s classic 1991 coming out party in “Deep Cover,” Easy Yves Saint stomps around making casual glances at the camera, all while making you quite aware that EYS is back. And he still has some shit to prove.