Day parties in Houston are nothing new. They bring out the bourgeoisie, the models, the drinkers and revelers. They bring out those seeking a non-club, chill environment. They also bring out beautiful women of all shapes and moods, shea butter activists to your tights, long haired honey complected. Alcohol and good vibes come with most day parties in the city, not to mention plenty of food. Yet, there’s one party that has grown to become a cult-like institution with its own stories and prestige.

You can’t mention Hennessey, the long standing cognac these days without mentioning Hennypalooza. It’s not your typical throwdown nor your siditty shindig and far from the average day party. HennyPalooza the New York based house-party turned cultural phenomenon (seriously, search Twitter #Hennypalooza and see the demand for it) owes its humble beginnings to creator, Kameron McCullough the man behind the perfect kickback pairing the popular cognac Hennessey and it’s better half fried chicken.

The rundown of the party goes like this. Tickets are $40 to show up to the venue, where you are surrounded for six hours by unlimited amounts of Hennessey, beautiful people and the latest music. Will you walk away with a story to tell? Yes.

McCullough’s day job is being the director of sales strategy at Esquire. The same tactics he’s used in that realm, he’s brought over to his baby and involved his well connected and respected friends to help spread it nationwide.

Thanks to the power of social media and the influence of McCullough’s power circle word quickly spread and now its become one of the most exclusive parties sought out by the cool kids, urban socialites, and celebrities alike. After forming its own counterculture that unites lovers of brown liquor, high energy and favorable vibes, HennyPalooza and its creators new it was time to take the show out of NYC and hit the road.

On September 6th, Houston gets its taste of Hennypalooza at the House Of Dereon Media Center.

“Houston has been on my mind for over a year and a half now,” McCullough said. “Texas liquor laws, finding the perfect venue, and timing made us postpone our Fall 2014 attempt; but I’m excited to finally bring it to Houston.”

McCullough’s strategy behind the tour is to match each cities energy and music with HennyPalooza’s already built-in atmosphere. The tour, which will also hit Los Angeles and Atlanta were chosen based on the connections with tastemakers on the ground, market reach, and a simple Twitter poll. The logical extension for McCullough’s brand is to pair together with Hennessey in a no brainer corporate sponsorship union though he sees the relationship as “budding”.

“We’ve pitched it to them from the social media angle, because of how well we do from an engagement standpoint socially,” he told Forbes in a 2014 interview. “For what they’re putting into their social media budget through Hennessey US, we can do just as effective a job, with probably a quarter of the resources and a quarter of the budget. And I have the numbers to prove it. I’m very excited for next year, and the prospects of what we can and hopefully will do with them.”

Houstonians and brown liquor aficionados will be privy to the open bar, food trucks, and tons of special celebrity guests, not to mention involvement from Houston DJs and tastemakers as well. In a way, it’s the marriage of East Coast partiers with Southern hospitality.

So, what would be the do’s and don’ts of Hennypalooza? There will be medical units available to help you not die twice due to binging and overestimating your liver. McCullough’s helped us with 5 tips to help newbies survive their initial Hennypalooza experience and follow the tour like it’s a trip to Hennessey’s version of Mecca.

• Eat a good meal.
• Have a glass of water in between each drink. It’s cool to drink water nobody is going to frown upon you for staying hydrated.
• Wearing heels is a mistake — comfy clothes only.
• Deodorant is very necessary.
• Bring a solid set of friends and avoid being “that friend”.

Hennypalooza Houston takes place September 6th at the House of Dereon Media Center (2204 Crawford St, Houston, TX 77002. For tickets click here and more information, follow them on Twitter: Hennypalooza